Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Happy Holidays!

I wanted to send out holiday wishes to everyone because I truly appreciate all of you! I would never be where I am without all of you being a part of it with me.

There are a few reminders that I want to mention as well (not because I am trying to be pushy but because the offers end in a few days and I always share).

- If you haven't already entered, please make sure you click on this link for a chance to win a 24 pack of Brothers-All-Natural fruits crisps and a copy of my new book "The Stepping Stones To Food Allergies".

Haven't heard about my book yet? "The Stepping Stones To Food Allergies" is a must-have resource for living with food allergies" - as described by Brothers-All-Natural (thanks guys, I think your products are a must-have too!)

Don't want to wait? You can also purchase a download of it for your Kindle or a PDF right from my website at .

- Mylan has also just announced that they are extending their EpiPen $0 copay program for a full year through December 31, 2014! For details, please view the link here.

- Auvi-Q is offering a $0 copay that will expire December 31, 2013

(photo courtesy

- Winona Pure Oils has been super wonderful and allowed me to host giveaways for a chance to win three bottles of their products. We are calling it "Where's Winona?" and the next one will be in January, so keep posted to enter to win! (to view previous giveaways, please click November, November Winner, December and December Winner).

- January will also be a great month of some other giveaways that I will be involved in so make sure you pay close attention to enter. I like to give back and share

Remember- an allergic reaction can happen at any time. Always, always keep epinephrine with you at all times because that is the only medication that will save your life! Keep calm and carry epi.


  1. Happy Holidays! You have been one busy lady!!! I love all of your contests!!

    1. Thanks Caroline, I love having them to help get the word out about great products and for others to get some of them too!