Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Another Year, Another Food

It's unbelievable to me that 2016 is coming to an end soon. I know we all say that every year but honestly, I have been blessed this entire year with so many new and wonderful products, people, places and anything else that I could have asked for. And in the shadow of what may have seemed a grim couple of weeks in the summer time, I truly feel that out of the negative comes the positive, always. With this year being a flurry of blurry happy collection of events, I thought it would be the perfect time to remind everyone to step back, relax and reflect. Often when a year ends, we forget and forge forward. This keeps us strong but so does remembering some of the great things that kept us on track to get there.

How to Hold Onto What is Needed When 2016 began, I wrote this post as a reminder to myself as well as a reminder to all of you. Our years go by and as adults, we are never told to embrace our inner child. Do this, every single day. It IS necessary and it IS something that too many adults refuse to do. Do this with your foods too. Food is a part of our lives so why not embrace that and let it empower us rather than knock us down. For every food you are limited by, find one that can replace it. Use your imagination, use your funny side, use your mommy voice that tells you right from wrong but most importantly, find the strength in what drives you. Don't listen to the people who don't support you. Embrace the ones that do.

ALWAYS Think Outside of the Box I pride myself on sharing my weird ideas on how to use allergy-friendly products that you CAN use safely. But have you really tried using products outside of the box? Literally? I have. Not only did I but you can make these with your kids, you can be the #1 neighborhood eco-friendly person and (I bet) you will unlock a side of your creativity that you didn't know was hiding. Take a look at this picture then click on the link to see how you can make this too. Is it what you thought? Are you really maximizing the way that you are budgeting as well as using every single item within your family's reach? Repurpose your food packaging as well as your foods. It's a win-win. It's absolutely acceptable to use what's inside of the box as well as the box.

Food On the Table And by this, I mean in a totally different way. Recipes are fun but so are settings, decorating and finding out how your foods can enhance your meals on a whole new level. Did you know that gluten free pretzels can help make your table romantic?
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Did you know that that someone right this very second is eating pretzels out of their lunch container when they could use it as an edible napkin ring? Or that the silver packaging could be your next goodie bag or balloon holder in disguise? Read more here and you may never look at some of your allergy-friendly foods again in the same way. Life is too short to worry about what everyone has told us to do with our foods. As long as we are being safe, there are no rules. Food allergies should never, ever mean that our lives have been limited. A food allergy diagnosis means that we were given a different path and new ways to take that path. Some people may find fear within a diagnosis but I choose to embrace what I do not understand and fuel myself to gain more knowledge on how I can handle it. In life, there are people that will eat you alive with negativity. Beat them at their own game, show them you can offer them support. Choose to walk on the beach versus swim with the sharks. Either way, make sure your foods are something that you can share with others.

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In the End, There is Love, Always At the end of each day, each month, each year- there will always be love. Love for your family, love for your support network and love for your foods. Have you traveled out of your comfort zone to see what the world of food allergies offers? Have you felt the amazing amount of love that can be found in support groups and advocacy groups? Have you asked all of your non-allergic friends to learn more about your safe foods so that they can have the knowledge they all need as well? Food allergies is not just about foods- it's about everyone and everything in your life for the rest of your life.

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Tell me- How will YOU begin a new year?

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  1. Great sentiments. I think I'll use some of them. I'm also trying to focus on all of the good and practice gratitude every day!

  2. I love the way you write, always looking on the bright side

    1. Thank you Cricket! Food is a big part of life so why not enjoy it (safely) :)

  3. I agree - there's always love in the end. Thank you for sharing.

  4. I love your glass half full attitude! Honestly, January is really busy for me, so my year is starting off hectic. But we're working in time to plan vacations later in the quarter!

    1. I think (most) bloggers prefer hectic vs. too calm because it reminds us that we are doing something right but also remember that "you" time is life-saving

  5. Love the gluten free pretzel idea! So creative and cute!

  6. Love this! 2016 was a great year for my family, too. ;) January is shaping up to be a busy one, but busy in all the right ways (homeschool activities, church functions/youth groups, work stuff, etc.). ;)

  7. I had no clue pretzels could make a table romantic! I love decorating with food on the table. I also like embracing my inner child and living each day to it's fullest.